Wednesday, August 13, 2008


To open our first post, a little introduction might be in order... Good Doggie (.biz ) offers all natural, non-toxic, eco-friendly and safe, personalized and custom doggie tags (and more goodies too) in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. We are in the middle of adding all natural and healthy dog food and treats, safe and non-toxic indestructible toys, and no chemicals, non-toxic grooming products such as shampoo, a waterless shampoo for the in between regular shampoos, and an area and pet spray combo. Visit Good Doggie and get your personalized and customized doggie tag(s)...(why not get a few to coordinate with your doggie's clothes?) and check back often for our new products we're adding soon!

We are concerned about pesticides and chemicals on our doggies and our environment. When a pesticide product full of artificial chemicals is used on doggie, not only can they kill him/her, at the least, make them sick... but did anyone ever think about your children? Yes, when a child pets and cuddles his doggie, he is getting those same pesticides and chemicals on himself that's on doggie. Those pesticides and chemicals are absorbed through the skin. Chemicals can poison in three (3) ways: skin contact and is absorbed, inhaling, and ingestion.

There are home remedies we can use on our doggies that aren't harmful to pets, our families, and our environment. We'll discuss those in a later post.

For those who prefer to buy chemical-free, all natural and non-toxic pet products, well, Good Doggie is the place to buy. But, Google and you can find them most anywhere- just be sure of what you're getting. Your local pet stores carry some as well.

We'll see all good doggies later- be safe and happy :)

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